Discussing Diversity in Blogging with Jeanette Cantrell

In March 2019, Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas posted a promotional flier for an Influencer event they were creating. Dallas blogger Leah Frazier tweeted back, asking why all 3 of the Influencers hired for this campaign were of similar age and ethnicity - specifically asking, “Are there no bloggers of color in Fort Worth who could be involved with this event?” This led to a fire storm of comments from the Twitterverse on the subject of diversity in blogging and advertising.

The Southern Fried Tea podcast, hosted by stylist Jeanette Cantrell, asked Leah to bring a few of her blogger pals on the show to talk about this topic. Leah invited myself, along with Stephanie Drenka, Tara Fuller, and Geordian Abel to participate in a civilized discussion about the state of influencer marketing today and the changes we’d like to see.