M2 The Rock Radio Interview: Discussing Addiction and Recovery


I was honored to be a guest on the M2 The ROCK Radio show with Michael Molthan to talk about how to support a loved one dealing with addiction and going through recovery. Addiction is defined as "compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences". And it is not confined to drugs and alcohol. You can be addicted to social media, sex, shopping, or the computer... If you know someone who is an addict or just loves one, I hope that you will share Michael's show as a resource for support. You can listen/watch Michael Molthan and his guests discuss solutions to addiction, alcoholism, and unmanageable habits every Monday-Friday 7-8pm CST, Saturdays 12-1pm CST and Sundays 12-1pm CST on iHeart Radio 1190am.