Traversing Dallas With Lyft

About a year ago, our 17-year old son wrecked one of our cars. Fortunately, he was okay but the car was totaled. My husband and I debated for several days over what kind of car to buy ot replace it and then it occurred to me - why would we replace it? My husband and I both work from home and it's rare that we are going separate places at the same time.  Car services like Lyft and made it super easy to have transportation on-demand so we decided to try living with one car and use Lyft when we needed an alternative means of transport as an experiment.  A year later, we are so happy with our decision. The money we spend monthly on using a service like Lyft is a fraction of what another car payment would have been. And I've come to love the convenience of door-to-door delivery. No waiting for a valet and no circling the parking lot trying to find a parking space! I can relax in the back seat or work on my phone while someone else delivers me to my destination. If you haven't tried Lyft yet, sign up today and use my referral code CYNTHIA66033. #LyftBrandPartner