The Society Diaries: Discover Dallas (March/April 2018)

The Society Diaries magazine provides a dynamic insider’s view of the bold lifestyle and exciting personality of Texas targeting the most influential demographic. Published bi-monthly, each issue of The Society Diaries is proudly displayed in the most luxurious residences, hotels, spas, and retail points across Texas. In every issue, I get to share Dallas' hottest events and coolest people with readers throughout the state of Texas. Here's my article from the March/April 2018 issue:

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Listen Up, Buttercup

If Amy Winehouse and Rhianna had a baby, she would sound like Hanna Fentriss.  This emerging singer, songwriter, musician just released her first three song EP. All three tracks were written by Malex, a four-time platinum Grammy Award winning producer who has worked with Eminem, Common, Gladys Knight and Reakwon to name a few. Puma selected her as the winner of an artist search for 2018 and will feature one of her songs in a television commercial later this year! This girl is definitely one to watch, or should I say, listen to! Check out her sound at

Relive History

The Cold War, Prohibition—these were periods that shaped America’s values and identity. You may think you know all the major events and players; but what was it like to live during these eras of extraordinary upheaval and tension? Subscribe to the new podcast, American History Tellers hosted by Dallas resident Lindsay Graham, to take an immersive look at periods that shaped American history, starting with the Cold War and expanding into Prohibition and other eras. American History Tellers shares little-known facts about these periods - like how jazz played a major role in promoting positive views of the US abroad during the Cold War. Available on iTunes. 

Practically Perfect Design

Ruti was founded in 2009 by Ruti Zisser who had a vision for a new kind of luxury brand. Zisser set out to change women’s relationships with their closets by combining innovative clothing design and the personal touch of a stylist with sophisticated technology at an accessible price point. No more giving up comfort in the name of style, or compromising sophistication for whatever is fashionable.  Ruti has three simple rules for design: It must be cool, flattering, and practical. Now open at NorthPark Center.