Cynthia Smoot to lead The Influencer Marketing Panel for Rocks Digital

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Whether you are a big brand or a small business, Influencer Marketing is a critical marketing component needed to build your online social standing, increase your SEO, and drive traffic to your website or retail location.

For brands, building and nurturing these relationships requires an in-depth understanding of both the influencer marketing space and campaign best practices. There are several ways brands can work with influencers, including paid and unpaid sponsorships, as well as through event PR.

In this panel discussion, led by Cynthia Smoot, you will learn from experts:

  • How to select Influencers that naturally align with your brand
  • How to set clear expectations and achievable goals
  • Why quality is more important than quantity
  • How to create lasting partnerships for long-term success

This panel is sure to teach all in attendance how to build strong influencer relationships that make a difference! Join me on Saturday, June 30, 11:15 AM at the Rocks Digital conference. Click HERE for more information. 

Cynthia Smoot