DashinglyTurnham features influencer Cynthia Smoot


DashinglyTurnham x OhSoCynthia

April 3, 2018

Today, I'm collaborating with publicist/celebrity blogger, Cynthia Smoot. As usual, I asked her JP's 3, photographed her & discussed why her outfit makes a fashment.

JP's 3

Question 1: From what I know about you, you are known for having the scoop here in Dallas--with people even calling you the "TMZ of Dallas". What's that like and how do you know so much?

“OhSoCynthia: I started the blog in 2008, so I have been covering Dallas hottest events and coolest people for a decade. People love to gossip and they bring the tea to me! I’ve established credibility and people know that I won’t use the information to throw them under the bus, nor will I use it to harm anyone. I make it a point on my blog to, “promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate” but, oh, the stories I could tell!”
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Photos were taken by: blink_300m_photography